What are “En Primeur” wines or “Wine Futures”?

En Primeur week has arrived in Bordeaux, and we want to share this distinctly Bordelais tradition with you!

What? “En Primeur,” sometimes called “Wine Futures,” is a way for anyone to buy the most highly-demanded top-level Bordeaux wines 1-2 years before they are bottled and released on the market.

When? Each spring, thousands of wine professionals visit Bordeaux for the opening of the primeur campaign where the top estates welcome wine professionals from all over the world to taste barrel samples of their latest vintage. Estates use the feedback they receive about the quality of the wine and vintage to estimate demand and set initial prices. In May, the estates release their prices and allow wine merchants to buy their future wines.

Who? Only the 400 wine merchants, or negociants as they are called in France, who make up the “Place de Bordeaux” are authorized to buy wines en primeur directly from the Chateaux.

Why? The biggest advantage of buying wine futures is price. The here price of a wine is almost always lower than the release price on the market. Buying wine futures also allows you to buy the most highly demanded wines that may be virtually impossible to find when they are released on the market in a variety of different formats such as half bottles, magnums and larger-sized bottles.

Why Millesima?  As a member of the Place de Bordeaux and 5th largest buyer of here in the world, Millesima USA’s parent company, Millésima S.A., has an exclusive position that offers distinct advantages to its customers. Millesima’s close relationship with the Chateaux; as well as our inventory of over 2.5 million bottles guarantees the delivery of your future and mature wines in the best condition possible. When consumers buy from other retailers, the journey the wine has taken is unclear and its availability isn’t guaranteed- shipped and stored in unknown conditions, it changes hands several times before finally ending up in the hands of the customer.

When you buy from Millésima you know that the price is correct, that your wine was stored in ideal conditions and you have the security of knowing that your purchase is guaranteed. You know the exact route your wine traveled and you will receive your wine in original wood cases – directly from the chateau to Millesima to you in the format you want.

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Millesima is the leading fine wine merchant offering grand cru from Burgundy, the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés, french wine en primeur, champagne to more than 60 000 clients. Worldwide delivery since 1983.

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