Wine Futures Alerts 2015 – Be the first to know!

Wine Futures Alerts 2015 – Be the first to know!

Remember! In April 2010, Millesima launched the alert service devoted to wine futures for the great 2009 vintage of Bordeaux. This year, Millesima celebrates the 5th year of this service.

The coincidental timing of 5th edition of Alerts provides the alert for you, just like in 2009 and 2010, for a vintage very anticipated by markets. Indeed, 2015, like many French wine regions, was very generous with the grapevines of Bordeaux. The result is a complete vintage, very fruity, dense, and gourmet, with precision, freshness and long-lasting finish.

One can say that Bordeaux 2015 takes the precision, the depth and structure of the 2010, brightness of the fruit and the richness of the 2005 and 2009, and the freshness of the 2014. But in the end, 2015 resembles only itself.

Under these conditions, the buyers of wine futures are going to seek it out, want it, and demand for it. In this in-demand vintage, those who who will be informed the availability at Millesima first can avoid the risk of missing the chance to purchase or even not being able to buy any. Ensuring your access is the principle of our Futures Alerts.

With the Futures Alert, be the first to receive real-time availability of all of our 2015 Wine Futures!

Choose your list of wines for Alert 2015 by clicking on the picture.

After the 2015 wine futures tastings week– from April 4-8 in Bordeaux – the tasters, critics and advisers are going to publish their impressions and observations on this new vintage.

Are you wondering how to find all this key information?

Millesima provides the service of customised wine futures alerts on the availability of your favourite wines in real-time (including highly in-demand names), and of appellations via text message or by email. Our alert service is simple and quick: in just three steps you will be able to choose all the chateaux and appellations you want to follow.

How to do it?

  1. Access the homepage of Millésima: http://www.Millé alerts
  2. Click on alert me!futures alertsfutures alerts
  3. Enter your email address or your telephone numberfutures alerts
  4. Click Validate!

You will receive a registration email for the Futures Alert system to finish your registration.

 From this site, you will be able easily:

  • See the chateaux you’ve chosen for alerts.
  • Add or withdraw from your list with our selection tool by appellation.
  • Place your orders more quickly.

Like every year, all the wines which Millésima offers in futures are directly purchased from the property.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact by e-mail Antoine Gimbert by telephone at 0800 917 0352.


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