Krug Month

Krug Month

Krug Month – Grande Cuvée X Egg

The classic style of the traditional champagne house Krug has always put the focus on minimalism. On the occasion of the “Krug Month”, the Champagne House Krug celebrates a new culinary experience and uses the best gastronomic inspirations around a new focus: the egg.

Krug & Egg is the new bold and unexpected pairing chosen by Maison Krug to offer yet another surprising culinary combination after the success of Krug & Potato in 2015. Indeed, if the egg – an essential ingredient found in kitchens across the world – might be considered as simple, its pairing with Champagne is nevertheless complex.

Special menus and creative egg-based dishes prepared by Chefs from Krug Ambassades and other restaurants will celebrate the pairing with Krug Champagne. This unique experiment combines the expertise and creativity of the greatest regional chefs with the flagship champagne of Krug, the Krug Grande Cuvée.

The gustatory elegance and complex flavors of Krug Grande Cuvée unfold even better with a perfect pairing. This year, the complexity of this champagne can be discovered through a culinary high performance of the simplicity of an egg.


The champagne house Krug

The name Krug is synonymous with quality and prestige. Founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, the reputation of the house has been built and maintained over centuries by the distinctive style and unparalleled quality of its champagnes. As the only House to produce five distinct prestige cuvées, many consider Krug the jewel in the crown of Champagne.

Deeply rooted in its history, The House of Krug strives to maintain its passion for quality and commitment to the traditions of the Krug Family. Not only is Krug dedicated to producing champagnes of magnificent quality year after year, but it aspires to produce wines that fully express the uniqueness of the individual terroirs from which they came. Each bottle of champagne undergoes an exquisite care in the production, from the vineyard to the final bottle. The house pays special attention to the separate vinification of each plot in order to perfectly express the terroir. Then the wines age in oak barrels, where they develop their unique character.

La Grande Cuvée

 “Every glass of Krug Grande Cuvée is the fruit of many years of craft and patience. The art of blending many years gives Krug Grande Cuvée its unique plethora of flavours and aromas, incredible generosity and an absolute elegance that would be impossible to express with the wines of a single year.

Eric Lebel, chef de caves Krug

Krug’s Grande Cuvée is the quintessence of Krug’s philosophy of craftsmanship and savoir faire: a blend of more than 120 wines from ten or more different years. Its exceptional finesse, expressed through its subtle bubbles, is the result of at least another six years in the cellars, in all over twenty years are needed to craft each bottle. A generous Champagne, it is epitomised by its timeless character and unforgettable sensations, reconciling the paradoxical balance between fullness and finesse, maturity and freshness.



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Discover Krug La Grande Cuvée
La Grande Cuvée
Discover Krug La Grande Cuvée
La Grande Cuvée
Discover Krug La Grande Cuvée
La Grande Cuvée
Discover Krug La Grande Cuvée
La Grande Cuvée



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