Alain Brumont: Passion and Terroir

Alain Brumont: Passion and Terroir

I am like a vine. I came out of the earth, I was born at its side and I live in symbiosis with my environment, the best terroirs and the climate. I want to express my impression of this environment, to interpret the quintessence of the terroir, the climate and to enable people to find this alchemy in a glass in 5, 20, 30 years’ time.” – Alain Brumont

Brumont landscape


Deeply rooted in the vines

Alain Brumont is known for being a wine growing pioneer in the Madiran and Cotes de Gascogne region. It was also his destiny to do so. In 1979, he inherited his father’s 17 hectare vineyard: Chateau Bouscasse. Just one year later, he purchased Chateau Montus. This was the moment that he decided to show the world the Tannat grape’s potential to produce outstanding wines. In 1985, he produced the first vintage of Montus Prestige, the first Madiran made from 100% Tannat and to be aged in new barrels. More commonly referred to as the “Petrus of Madiran”. This vintage helped spread the qualitative reputation of Madiran and the Tannat grape variety. In 1991, Alain was named Best French Winegrower of the 1980s by the French magazine “Gault-Milau”, amongst several other magazines that ranked him as one of the world’s top winemakers.

Chateau Bouscasse

Brumont facade


Alain Brumont’s first estate is located in the Maumusson-Laguian commune. The terroir of Bouscasse is composed of yellow and white clay on a layer of limestone. There are edges of iron-rich clay. Madiran’s elegance, voluptuousness and charm can all be traced back to its terroir. The property covers an area of 50 hectares.

Chateau Montus 

Brumont Barrels


Montus was purchased by Brumont, one year after he inherited Chateau Bouscasse. The terroir is one of the last traces of the beginning of the Pyrenees, dating back 40 million years! Large black pebbles, marbled with white, are found in the rivers by the property thanks to the Pyrenees. The vines are planted on steep slopes that receive intense sunshine. Beneath the pebbles is a subsoil of yellow and red clay.

Chateau Bouscasse 2015

Chateau Bouscasse

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Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc are the red grape varieties blended for Chateau Bouscasse. The vines range from 20-100 years old. A powerfully harmonious wine, with aromas of dark berries. The tannins are wonderfully integrated and the palate is full-bodied. It is a wine that ages with grace and has great ageing potential.

Chateau Montus Prestige 2015

Montus Prestige

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Produced for the first time in 1985, Montus Prestige put Tannat in the limelight. It has been causing major waves in the wine world since. It is sold almost entirely before bottling (En Primeurs). It is highly coveted because it is the pure expression of the vineyard’s highest quality parcels. The vines are 30 years old and harvested in small crates. This wine is atypical and shows great depth. Prestige possesses discretely complex fruit aromas. Prestige is often sought after by connoisseurs of cigars.

Chateau Montus : La Tyre 2007

Chateau Montus : La Tyre 2007

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Alain Brumont was sure that a large uncultivated 10 hectares of land, located the highest hill in Madiran, had great potential for producing Tannat. The best grapes from this plot of land produce La Tyre. La Tyre is a deeply rich wine that is complex. The tannins are refined and perfectly balanced. Its elegant palate and harmonious finish are typical characteristics of this exceptional Madiran.

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Discover our wine selection from Alain Brumont

Alain Brumont 
Discover our wine selection from Alain Brumont 

Alain Brumont wines
Discover our wine selection from Alain Brumont

Alain Brumont wines
Discover our wine selection from Alain Brumont

Alain Brumont wines



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