Pascal Jolivet| Dynamic Estate in the Loire Valley
© Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet| Dynamic Estate in the Loire Valley

Established in 1987, Maison Pascal Jolivet is one of the most active and energetic estates in the Loire Valley. Pascal acquired the company from his father, and quickly decided to build his own brand and settle in Sancerre. After producing his first vintage in 1991, he became a merchant-grower. He gradually increased the size of his vineyard and made numerous investments in the various appellations of the Loire Valley. Today, the 65 hectare domain produces cuvees of character, that are the purist representations of the terroirs of Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume and Touraine.

Maison Pascal Jolivet: Youth and Energy

© Pascal Jolivet

© Pascal Jolivet

The son of Jacques Jolivet, a wine merchant in the Loire Valley, Pascal inherited a company recently bought by his father, “Les Grands Vins du Val de Loire” in 1982. He decided to set up his own company five years later, before moving to Sancerre in 1990. During his move, this former Pommery agent installed stainless steel thermo-regulated tanks near the Champagne house and invested in a vinification cellar. Now that he was growing his own wine, Pascal commercialised his first vintage in 1991 with the help of oenologist Jean Luc Soty. The beautiful wines produced by the house increased their popularity amongst the public (the excellent 1995 and 1996 vintages were named within the top 100 by the Wine Spectator). In 1993, he decided to buy 6 hectares in Bue that belonged to cousins. This plot of land produces the “Le Chene Marchand” cuvee.

Diversified terroir and unique characteristics

After numerous investments and the acquisition of parcels, the production area now covers a total area of 65 hectares, with 42 hectares in Sancerre, 15 in Touraine and 8 in Pouilly-Fume. In the Sancerre appellation, the vines benefit from diversified soils, with clots, marls, clay, limestone and flint. The vineyard in the Pouilly-Fume appellation benefits from glacial soils made up of clay-limestone marls, sands and flint. These wines have incredible character and a sublime mineral expression.

Getting the best local expression

Since its inception in 1987, the house has rapidly needed to modernise its infrastructure as it continues to expand. In 2000, a plan to implement the construction of a modern cellar and a grape harvester, in order to use gravity in the winemaking process was executed.

© Pascal Jolivet

© Pascal Jolivet

Every day, various technical teams strive to make the best use of the varied soil types on the estate. The different soil types and grape varieties unveil the best expressions of the Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume and Touraine terroirs. In order to do this, the team observes the plants growth and development daily.

All the parcel selections are vinified separately, allowing their unique characteristics to shine. The wines are raised on lees to allow them to be more complex and concentrated.

3 wines from the estate

Les Terres Blanches 2015


© Pascal Jolivet Click to purchase Terres Blanches 2015

The 2015 Les Terres Blanches is concentrated and shows finesse, it was grown on a large plot of land. This wine reveals a great personality and interesting characteristics. A wine with promise, that will evolve slowly.

Indigene 2014


© Pascal Jolivet Click to purchase Indigene 2014

Indigene 2014 is a great wine that combines purity and authenticity. The nose is fine and elegant. Complex aromas reveal minerality. This cuvee is powerful in the mouth, before marrying freshness and nobility.

Les Caillottes 2016


© Pascal Jolivet Click to purchase Les Caillottes 2016

Les Caillottes 2016 is a balanced wine from that expresses the identity of Sancerre. Fine, the nose releases delicate mineral aromas and notes of exceptional freshness. In the mouth, this wine is delicate and harmonious. It will age and develop more complex flavors and aromas over time.

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Discover our wine selection from Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet wines
Discover our wine selection from Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet wines
Discover our wine selection from Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet wines
Discover our wine selection from Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet wines 

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