A lengthy and elegant Italian Legacy: Bisol

A lengthy and elegant Italian Legacy: Bisol

Bisol is a family owned winery that has been passed down from generation to generation, for over 5 centuries. They strive to make the best Prosecco and have yet to disappoint. The quality of their wine is just as strong as their familial bonds. The family has a tradition that is making unbelievable wines, and they are kind enough to share it with the world.

Prosecco hills

The Prosecco DOCG hills ©Mattia Mionetto

A deep-rooted Italian legacy

Wine producers have been in Valdobbiadene for several centuries, five to be exact. Proof that the Bisol family has been in the Prosecco and Cartizze production zone date back all the way to the XVI century. Throughout history references to the Bisol family have been made, highlighting the importance of this family in Italian history and the history of wine. In 1542, there was a reference to the grape-growing Eliseo and their small and successful business.

The First World War had a significant impact on the budding Italian winery. The region of Valdobbiadene was the location of Austria-Hungary and Italian conflict. Desiderio, Eliseo’s son, worked very hard to help the winery get back on its feet in the mid-1920’s.

Cartizze hill

The Cartizze Hill
© Mattia Mionetto

Desiderio and his beloved wife, had 4 sons. After the WWII, Jeio assigned each of his sons a role in the company based on their educational background. Antonio was in charge of administration, Eliseo was the oenologist, Aurelio took care of managing the vineyard and Claudio was the general manager. The four brothers have worked tirelessly to continually increase the quality of the company. They implement original techniques on the vineyard, all in the search of excellence and high-quality wines.

The winery is in Southern Stefano di Valdobbiadene, and they harvest their grapes from 20 high-quality plots located on steep hills. These hills stretch towards the Conegliano and start in Valdobbiadene. The terroir is so diverse and divided amongst owners that the average parcel is just over a hectare large. It is very common for different companies to manage different stages of wine production: harvest, wine-pressing, fermentation. Another reason that the family is outstanding is because they oversee every stage of production from the vineyards to the bottles. Being involved in every step of the wine-making process guarantees the highest quality wines from their vineyards.

Excellence from start to finish

Prosecco bottles

©Mattia Mionetto

The Bisol family has focused on the importance of quality for centuries. They are aware of how large of an impact the terroir has on the quality of the wine. The special region in Valdobbiadene is a source of pride for the family. Gianluca, the current managing director, wants the world to know the importance of Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and the lovely Prosecco that they produce. The Bisol’s are meticulous at every stage of the wine-making process and their wine improves at each step of the process. Each generation, the vineyard is passed from father to son and the management responsibilities are divided between the family members.

Fine Italian Sparkling Wines

Crede Brut 2015


Produced from Glera, Verdiso and Pinot Bianco grapes, this family-produced Prosecco has a brilliant, light straw colour with green reflections. It reveals beautiful aromas of fresh wildflowers and white fruit. In the mouth, Crede Brut 2015 presents flavours of apples and pears in perfect harmony.

Bisol Prosecco Crede Brut 2015 

Cartizze Dry 2015

Cartizze_Bisol_Italian wine

Produced in a small microclimate, this straw coloured Prosecco with fine bubbles is a wonderful experience to share. The apple, pear and peach aromas mimic the flavours in the mouth. A full bodied Prosecco, with elegant and intense fruitiness.

 Bisol Prosecco Cartizze Dry 2015 
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Discover our wine selection from Bisol

Bisol wines
Discover our wine selection from Bisol

Bisol wines
Discover our wine selection from Bisol

Bisol wines
Discover our wine selection from Bisol

Bisol wines



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