Lancelot Pienne | Single-Estate Cuvees of Great Finesse

A mention of the word “Champagne” often conjures up the image of the grand Champagne Houses of Reims, stone palaces looming behind wrought iron gates, hundreds of hectares planted with vines that produce millions of bottles of lavishly labelled bubbly. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that, as Champagne, by definition, is a product of prestige. But for connoisseurs seeking something smaller, ... Read More »

Billecart-Salmon | A Family, A House, A Signature Style

 A boutique Champagne House, whose effervescent cuvee is favoured among sommeliers and wine critics around the world, Billecart-Salmon is truly a brand to know and know about. Tucked off the streets of Mareuil-sur-Ay, away from the grandeur of Champagne’s other luxurious Houses, Billecart-Salmon is defined by its signature style, which consistently favours finesse and delicacy over boldness and power. The ... Read More »

Three Suggested Pairings with the Masterpieces of Ruinart

We met up with Caroline Fiot, Oenologist of the prestigious Ruinart Champagne House, who shared with us four wonderful food pairings with the most famous cuvees of the domain. Take a look at these creative ideas for your holiday party! A Unique Style Aside from being the oldest of Champagne Houses, dedicated exclusively to the production of Champagne since 1729, Ruinart is ... Read More »

Maison Bollinger | Two Centuries of Family Legacy in Champagne

From the very moment that Athanase de Villermont recognised the unparalleled potential of his family estate, the prestigious Maison Bollinger has been synonymous with excellence in Champagne. The property has been passed down from generation to generation for nearly two centuries, with each new family member contributing a unique ingredient to the business, just as each parcel of vines and reserves ... Read More »

Dom Perignon Reveals its 2009 Vintage Cuvee

The prestigious Dom Perignon House has recently announced the release of its 2009 vintage, an iconic cuvee marking the end of a very successful decade in Champagne. This vintage, which achieves perfect maturity and balance, seemed to demand attention throughout its conception. The Dom Perignon Vintage 2009 : A Year of Extreme Conditions   Produced exclusively in the best years, the Dom Perignon ... Read More »

Powerful, Innovative Women in Wine

Some people imagine the universe of wine as a very masculine place. Vineyard owners, wine makers, sommeliers, oenologists, cellar chiefs…More and more women are exercising and claiming their passion for wine. In all the wine regions, many houses are managed and run by women. Here are 5 seasoned professionals in wine that you should know about The world of wine; ... Read More »

Ruinart Champagne House, the oldest in Champagne

Founded in September 1729, the Ruinart House is one of the longest-existing houses of Champagne. An absolute icon, Ruinart represents French know-how and way of life celebrated in the entire world. The First Champagne House At the beginning, the intuition of a Benedictine monk who was ahead of his time: Dom Thierry Ruinart (1657-1709). At the dawn of the XVIII ... Read More »

Love & Champagne: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your love with the refined complexity of Champagne For certain people, it’s from the Roman Empire. For others, its creation was in the 14th Century in Great-Britain. One thing is for sure, this holiday has been around for a while and today is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Jewellery, chocolates, flowers…so many different gift possibilities to offer ... Read More »

Champagne Grand Siècle: Handcrafted art of highest standards

Many of us appreciate the non-vintage Brut Champagne whose promise is to represent the style of the house every year. On occasion, we are able to taste vintage Champagne (perhaps less frequently, for budget reasons). These vintage sparkling wines show great character, though of course not in the sense of uniform style! The “Grand Siècle” from Laurent-Perrier is one of ... Read More »


The oldest wine house from Champagne, founded in 1584 in Aÿ For over four centuries, the wine house Gosset represents its know-how in blending and aging of handcrafted wines from Champagne. In 1584, Pierre Gosset, lay judge of Aÿ and winemaker, produced wines, often red, with the harvest of his own vines. At this time, two wines struggled for the ... Read More »