Maison Deutz : Excellence in Champagne

Generations of Passion Located in Ay, in the renowned and celebrated terroirs of the Marne Valley, the history of the House of Deutz is one of inspired and passionate generations of winemakers. The House was born in 1838, the fruit of a meeting between William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann, wine merchants originally from Aix-La-Chapelle. They combined their expertise and knowledge ... Read More »

When Art and Champagne join together: splendid gift sets for the winter holidays

A history of tradition. Champagne houses have in their history almost always created splendid gift sets or limited edition presentation cases for the end of the year holidays. Sales of Champagne during this time of year are so high that they represent nearly 30% of total annual sales: an opportunity to attract with creative and inventive packaging. Champagne houses: Constantly ... Read More »

Krug Month

Krug Month – Grande Cuvée X Egg The classic style of the traditional champagne house Krug has always put the focus on minimalism. On the occasion of the “Krug Month”, the Champagne House Krug celebrates a new culinary experience and uses the best gastronomic inspirations around a new focus: the egg. Krug & Egg is the new bold and unexpected pairing chosen ... Read More »

Veuve Clicquot: When Tradition and Innovation Combine

The latest innovation from the House of Veuve Clicquot, their new Rich Champagne is an audacious and newcomer to the champagne. Veuve Clicquot is already well-known in the wine world for its innovative spirit, reflected in their creative packaging, updated annually. This new creation goes deeper than just packaging, however: they have truly created a new category of Champagne. Clicquot ... Read More »

Sabering a Champagne Bottle

With Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year holidays fast approaching, it could very well be time to pop some bottles of bubbly.  But to really up the extravagance of a celebration, why not consider the art of ‘sabrage’, the practice of using a saber to open a bottle of Champagne. The origins All the stories of sabrage seem to ... Read More »

Maison Delamotte

The history Maison Delamotte’s prestigious past stretches back to the eighteenth century. The house was established in the city of Reims in the Champagne region in 1760. It was founded by François Delamotte who was inspired to start producing Champagne under his own name by his father-in-law (a vineyard owner and Champagne producer). In 1856, full control of the house ... Read More »

Dom Perignon: P2

The Second Plenitude Dom Perignon is renowned for their outstanding vintage champagnes. Expanding on these wines, earlier this year, the distinguished estate released their long-awaited P2 cuvee. This first vintage of the P2 is 1998. The name ‘P2’ is derived from the winemaking techniques inherent to the champagne production at Dom Perignon. The name refers to the second ‘plenitude’ of ... Read More »

Champagne in Magnum and Large Format Bottles

With the holiday season approaching, it’s important to make sure the right bottle of Champagne is on hand for the upcoming celebrations. To ensure the best selection, it’s the perfect time to think not only about the producers and their specific wines, but the size of the bottle as well. Large format bottles have a long, celebrated history in the ... Read More »

Gosset: Ancient Tradition in Champagne

Domaine Gosset

Four Centuries of Savoir-Faire Dating to 1854, the House of Gosset is the oldest wine making house in Champagne. It was at that time that Pierre Gosset began making still wines, made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which were as celebrated and as popular with the royal court as those of renowned Burgundy appellation Beaune. Then as Champagne began to ... Read More »

The Classification System of Champagne

Four spectacular landscapes The vineyards of Champagne are divided into four regions with specific characteristics. These divisions, made ​​according to the different geological features, allow producers to highlight the diversity of the Champagne region. The Côte des Blancs:  A privileged area celebrated for the “blanc de blancs”, this region lies about fifteen miles south of Epernay. Here, the Chardonnay is ... Read More »