Cotes du Rhone

Domaine Louis Cheze: The Success Story of a Self-Taught Winemaker

When Louis Cheze took over his family farm in 1978, his goal was to have 10 hectares dedicated to grapevines. Thanks to his passion, determination and natural curiosity, the estate now covers 35 hectares over a variety of appellations. The vineyards of Domaine Louis Cheze, located in the heart of northern Cotes du Rhone produce a beautiful range of Viognier, ... Read More »

2014 En Primeur – M. Chapoutier

The 2014 Vintage The 2014 vintage benefited from certain favourable weather conditions which helped accelerate vine growth across the Rhone Valley. The warm weather during the spring encouraged healthy ripening for the berries. Though July and August were relatively cool, fantastic warmth in September helped the fruit reach ideal maturity. However, later in the month, certain appellations were affected by ... Read More »

Paul Jaboulet Aîné: Celebrating 180 Years

The renowned estate of Les Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aîné was founded in 1834, and is currently celebrating their 180th year in operation. As explained in our previous post, the estate has a rich, prestigious history in the Rhone Valley. Their wine range is extensive, with wines sourced from many appellations across the region, including Côte -Rôtie, Châteauneuf -du -Pape , ... Read More »

Futures 2013: La Maison Tardieu-Laurent

La Maison Tardieu-Laurent is an upscale wine merchant located in the Rhone Valley. It was created in the early 90’s by Michel Tardieu – now the sole owner – and the Burgundian Dominique Laurent. It now is releasing its futures, with a very good 2013 vintage, despite the complicated conditions. An exceptional selection: To access the finest vintages, the house brilliantly ... Read More »

Ready-to-Drink wines – Rhone Valley

Our Selection of Ready-to-Drink Vintages To achieve a suitable range, we chose to differentiate the appellations of the Rhone Valley. Each region has its own unique characteristics, either as a result of the soil or the climate. Therefore, each vintage will have different results depending on the area of production, particularly between the Northern and Southern Rhone Valley.   Le ... Read More »

The Success of Chapoutier : his wines

While Hermitage has historically been a wine blended from different vineyards and plots scattered throughout the appellation (Ermitage), Michel Chapoutier took the initiative to try a Burgundian approach by making wine from individual small parcel, which he calls “selections parcellaires“. Although plural in their expressions, these single parcel wines like La Maison dont le Pavillon (Hermitage red), Chante-Alouette (Hermitage white), ... Read More »

The Success of Chapoutier: History and Terroir

“The fruit is to wine as disco is to music” In sum, it’s important but not dominant, explains Michel Chapoutier. In an interview given to Wine Spectator from the November 2012 issue, the “King of Hermitage” gives a complete testimony– defending his values, evoking his history and proving to be a true disciple of “terroir.” THE FAMILY HISTORY The vineyards ... Read More »