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Old Vintage Red Wines of Bordeaux

Old vintage red wine bordeaux

We’ve all been in the situation before. A dusty, ancient bottle of Bordeaux is brought out by the sommelier or served by a friend at a holiday feast. Its label, which has gradually faded and began to peel off its glass canvas, elicits shock and reverence from our dinner companions. We scan for logo, producer name, cru classification and vintage to ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #12: The Influence of Wine Critics

When most people hear the word “wine critic,” there is only one name that automatically comes to mind. And while Robert Parker and his The Wine Advocate have, no doubt, been extremely influential in the world of wine – his 100-point system often directly affecting the price and recognition of a wine – there are certainly many other writers and ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #11: How to Taste a Wine

A bottle of wine is like a message whispered by the winemaker into the ears of the taster about the varietal and the terroir of its origin. In Millesima Tips #1 (Vine Cycle) and #2 (Varietals), we discussed the basis of that message and, in the two articles that followed, how the winemaker conveys it in the creation of a wine. In the ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #10: The Right Glass for Each Style

As discussed in the previous episode of our Millesima Tips series, serving temperature is important to allow a wine to fully express itself. Similarly, the vessel from which it is sipped also holds great significance for the tasting experience. While some glasses may over-accentuate the bitterness or acidity of a wine, which mask the fruity and fresh qualities, others may bring the ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #9: Serving Wine at the Right Temperature

In Millesima Tips #6 on possible ways to store bottles of wine, we mentioned Wine Serving Cabinets, which bring bottles of wine to the correct serving temperature before they are opened and tasted. In addition to a careful opening of the bottle, proper wine service also includes making sure that the wine is tasted at the correct temperature. This is ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #8: Serving an Old Bottle

As previously discussed in Millesima Tips #5 on the subject of ageing, certain wines have the tendency to improve tremendously over time. Harsh tannins soften, acidity evens out and fresh, tart fruit flavours give way to dried, stewed and jammy fruits on the palate. An old wine also carries with it a certain mystique and charm, as it embodies the conditions of a ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #7: The Decanter, the Carafe and the Bottle

If we imagine ageing in bottle as the wine’s final repose, a deep sleep in a cool, dark place where it can dream about its elaboration while snoring through its cork, then the moment of serving is the wake-up call. While some wines are ready to go, right out of the bottle, others need some time to stretch their limbs ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #6: Choosing a Way to Store Your Wine

In the previous chapter of our Millesima Tips series, we discussed the benefits of ageing certain bottles of wine. We also listed some basic tips on how to store a wine to minimise the risk of wine faults, such as oxidation. In the 6th edition of Millesima Tips we will explore in greater depth the process of storing wine. We ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #5: When and Why to Age a Wine

Up until now we have discussed the various stages of the winemaking process. We’ve looked at the natural life cycle of the vine and the most obvious form of human intervention, the grape harvest. We’ve explored the art of maturation, during which the wine gets the finishing touches before bottling. We’ve made it a point to distinguish between maturation (in ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #4: Maturation (1/2)

The journey of wine from vine to cellar to glass involves many processes, both organic and technological. A finished bottle is a synthesis of the vine cycle – with the harvested fruit expressing the year’s climatic conditions – and human intervention in several forms. In the last episode of our Millesima Tips series, we discussed harvest, the most significant form ... Read More »