Millesima Tips #3: The Harvest (1/2)

millesima tips 3

You’ve heard of the grape harvest. But when does it actually take place, and how? And what does it mean for the winery? The third in our series of educational Millesima Tips will explore the harvest, perhaps the most exciting aspect of winemaking. What is the harvest? A key stage of the annually recurring vine cycle and the moment in which the patience of the ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #3: The Harvest, Techniques and Global Climate Change (2/2)

millesima tips 3

We have already discussed the topic of the harvest in general in Part 1/2 of our Millesima Tip #3. What follows is a closer look at manual vs. mechanical techniques and the effect of global climate change on wine grape harvests around the world. Man vs. Machine Tradition or modernity? Manual or mechanical harvesting? The choice often depends on the difficulty ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #1: The Vine Cycle

Millesima has recently created Millesima Tips, an educational tutorial for those who wish to learn more about various subjects in the world of wine. From vine to glass, this handy guide is full of useful information on the intricate processes involved in the elaboration of a wine. The first episode of our series on wine-making explores the vine cycle, from the plant’s ... Read More »