Wine Pairing

The Perfect Pairings to Your Holiday Menu

Be it for a holiday feast for a large group or an intimate dinner for two, the holidays are a great time to get creative with food and wine pairing. We have chosen to focus on five of our favourite Christmas dishes and to share our recommendations about wines to pair to each.  HORS D’OEUVRES: Devils on Horseback An indulgent hors ... Read More »

Three Suggested Pairings with the Masterpieces of Ruinart

We met up with Caroline Fiot, Oenologist of the prestigious Ruinart Champagne House, who shared with us four wonderful food pairings with the most famous cuvees of the domain. Take a look at these creative ideas for your holiday party! A Unique Style Aside from being the oldest of Champagne Houses, dedicated exclusively to the production of Champagne since 1729, Ruinart is ... Read More »

Mois Krug 2017 | A Legendary Champagne and the Mysterious Mushroom

During the annual celebration of “Mois Krug” (“Krug Month”), the prestigious Champagne House invites Krug enthusiasts around the world to discover their newest featured pairing: the Krug Grande Cuvee and the mushroom.  The Legacy of Joseph Krug The elaboration of each bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee involves a careful selection of the perfect blend, one which often comprises over 120 ... Read More »

Chablis and Oysters: The Perfect Pairing

Your taste buds confirmed long ago that a cool glass of Chablis and a plate of oysters is a perfect combination, but were you aware that science can confirm the levels of perfection in such a pairing? Chablis, a wine heralding from the Chablis region in the North of Burgundy, is made from 100% unoaked Chardonnay. Grapes have been grown here ... Read More »