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Powerful, Innovative Women in Wine

Some people imagine the universe of wine as a very masculine place. Vineyard owners, wine makers, sommeliers, oenologists, cellar chiefs…More and more women are exercising and claiming their passion for wine. In all the wine regions, many houses are managed and run by women. Here are 5 seasoned professionals in wine that you should know about The world of wine; ... Read More »

San Felice: An Authentic Tuscan Wine

The history of San Felice has survived through the ages and today is an example of a perfect Tuscan wine. From the Etruscan civilisation to the papacy, and being managed by local families, the property has evolved with time. They are always updating its vineyard managing practices and modernising its vineyards. Proud of their rich and extensive terroirs in the appellation areas ... Read More »

Ruinart Champagne House, the oldest in Champagne

Founded in September 1729, the Ruinart House is one of the longest-existing houses of Champagne. An absolute icon, Ruinart represents French know-how and way of life celebrated in the entire world. The First Champagne House At the beginning, the intuition of a Benedictine monk who was ahead of his time: Dom Thierry Ruinart (1657-1709). At the dawn of the XVIII ... Read More »

Domaine David Duband – Innovation in Burgundy

The creation of Domaine David Duband Domaine David Duband came into existence in 1991, continuing from the foundation laid by Pierre Duband in 1965. The domain has been under the Nuits-Saint-Georges and Nuits-Saints-Georges 1er Cru “Aux Thorey” and “Les Proces”. The operation continued to expand, notably in 1995 after the departure of Pierre Duband and the recovery of his plots of ... Read More »

Domaine les Aurelles: Elegant wines from the Languedoc

Situated in Nizas, in between Montpellier and Beziers, le Domaine les Aurelles is the epitome of the elegance of the region with very sophisticated wines ready to be guarded. History Basile Saint-Germain and his wife Caroline literally fell in love with Domaine les Aurelles, located on the Pezenas land in 1955. The couple was looking for a property with old ... Read More »

Love & Champagne: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your love with the refined complexity of Champagne For certain people, it’s from the Roman Empire. For others, its creation was in the 14th Century in Great-Britain. One thing is for sure, this holiday has been around for a while and today is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Jewellery, chocolates, flowers…so many different gift possibilities to offer ... Read More »

Harlan Estate, a legendary wine from Napa Valley

Situated in the heart of Napa Valley, hole to one of the best Cabernet-Sauvignons, Harlan Estate is set above the bench lands of Oakville, north of San Francisco. A powerful wine, Harlan Estate has become a cult favourite and rightfully deserves its title of Premier Cru in California. Harlan Estate, Bill Harlan’s labour of passion The domain was founded in ... Read More »