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The Unique Monoploy of Chateau-Grillet

Centuries of History The vineyards of Château-Grillet have existed since the occupation of the Romans. Legend has it that the vineyards of Condrieu and Chateau-Grillet were planted by Emperor Probus with plants he imprted from the Dalmatian Coast. The peace established at that time made the development of the production area easier. In fact, the Roman citizenship was given to ... Read More »

The Hierarchy of Cotes-du-Rhone Villages

The Valuation of Terroirs The production area of Côtes-du-Rhône Villages covers the Southern portion of the Rhône Valley. It is characterized by its terraced landscapes with very steep slopes, alluvial plains and hilltop villages. The name is subject to a Mediterranean climate perfect for ripening berries, with two dry seasons, two rainy seasons and regular refreshment from the Mistral winds. ... Read More »

The Sparkling Harmony of Saint-Peray

A Source of Inspiration The history of the appellation of Saint-Peray begins in the 15th Century when the local villagers decided to leave the fortified walls of the Chateau de Crussol. They then settled in the Valley of Mialan and began to cultivate their vines. Eventually Saint-Pierre-d’Ay was shortened to Saint-Péray. Since that time, the wines of this region have ... Read More »

Rasteau: Naturaly Sweet & Powerful Red Wines

A Key Terroir The region of Rasteau is composed of 1300 hectares in the north of the Vaucluse department. This zone of production benefits from a great variety of land, particularly brown limestone, marl and red sandstone. These stony soils promote maturity and help maintain consistent heat overnight. These rough terrains, typical of the Rhone Valley, are found primarily on ... Read More »

Gigondas: Historical Premier Cru from the Rhône

Jucunda of Gigondas The vineyards of Gigondas, dating to prehistoric times, have been cultivated since Antiquity. The region earned its name at this time, but stories of its true origin differ. One version is based on the latin gignit undas or “springing forth from water,” describing the mountainous Dentelles de Montmirail. The other, also stemming from Latin, jucunda (“joyful” or ... Read More »

Penfolds: An Australian Tradition of Quality

“From 1884 to Evermore” While young by European standards, Penfolds of Australia has a rich history that dates to 1884 when Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfolds and his wife Mary purchased the Mackgill estate of 500 hundred acres of choice land outside Adelaide. It was Mary who oversaw the estate and early wine making efforts. These first wines, made of Grenache, ... Read More »

Diversity and Character in Crozes-Hermitage

The Statement of Crozes-Hermitage Thanks to the notariety of its neighboring appellation Hermitage, the viticultural region Crozes-Hermitage gained AOC status in 1937, limited the production to the territory of the municipality from which it gains its name. It was not until the decree of 1952 that ten other neighboring regions – Erôme, Serves-sur-Rhône, Gervans, Larnage, Tain-l’Hermitage, Mercurol, Chanos-Curson, Beaumont-Monteux, La ... Read More »