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Millesima Tips #4: Maturation Beyond Oak and Steel (2/2)

In the last “episode” of Millesima Tips, we explored the maturation process of wine, distinguishing it from bottle-ageing and detailing the two most common techniques: barrel and stainless steel maturation. But while these two types of containers are used to age the grand majority of wines around the world, they represent just two phases of the long evolution of wine ... Read More »

Tuscany: Home of Southern Italy’s Treasures

Tuscany is a viticultural region in Italy that is often whispered on the lips of wine amateurs and connoisseurs around the world. Home of the Super Tuscan, a term coined by wine critics, Tuscany is a jewel in Italy’s star-studded wine producing history. Tuscany is located in central Italy, and is home to the legendary Chianti region. Chianti is recognized ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #3: The Harvest (1/2)

millesima tips 3

You’ve heard of the grape harvest. But when does it actually take place, and how? And what does it mean for the winery? The third in our series of educational Millesima Tips will explore the harvest, perhaps the most exciting aspect of winemaking. What is the harvest? A key stage of the annually recurring vine cycle and the moment in which the patience of the ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #3: The Harvest, Techniques and Global Climate Change (2/2)

millesima tips 3

We have already discussed the topic of the harvest in general in Part 1/2 of our Millesima Tip #3. What follows is a closer look at manual vs. mechanical techniques and the effect of global climate change on wine grape harvests around the world. Man vs. Machine Tradition or modernity? Manual or mechanical harvesting? The choice often depends on the difficulty ... Read More »

Moet & Chandon | Two Summertime Cuvees

Two ideal cuvees for the hot months of summer, the Ice Imperial and Ice Imperial Rose were created by the illustrious House of Moet & Chandon specifically to be enjoyed over ice. Whether you prefer white or rose champagne, these two wines are sure to satisfy, perfect to be enjoyed on their own on the rocks or as a refreshing fizz ... Read More »

Domaine Saint Andrieu | The Rebirth of a Provence Estate

From the moment the property was first purchased by Jean-Paul and Nancy Bignon, Domaine Saint Andrieu has embarked on an exciting journey toward the renewal and revitalisation of its vineyard and cellar. Today the estate produces a line of rose, white and red wines, which effortlessly express the diversity of the Provençal terroir. The Estate’s Metamorphosis What is doubtless the most important ... Read More »

Prosecco: Italian Sparkling Wine

Prosecco is often compared to Champagne, but there is so much more to the sparkling wine than its “competition”. Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine. Only produced in the Valdobbiadene region of Veneto, Italy, we’re going to learn about the distinct characteristics and history of this timeless sparkling wine. The Origin of Italian Bubbles Prosecco dates back to the ... Read More »