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Millesima Tips #2: The Grape Varieties

Millesima Tips is a series of educational tutorials designed to help wine-lovers learn more about various subjects in the world of wine. Our handy guide provides useful information on the winemaking process, from pruning the vine to blending the wine, and everything in between. The second episode of our series explores grape varietals and how they affect the aromatic and flavour profile of the wines made from ... Read More »

Domaine Louis Cheze: The Success Story of a Self-Taught Winemaker

When Louis Cheze took over his family farm in 1978, his goal was to have 10 hectares dedicated to grapevines. Thanks to his passion, determination and natural curiosity, the estate now covers 35 hectares over a variety of appellations. The vineyards of Domaine Louis Cheze, located in the heart of northern Cotes du Rhone produce a beautiful range of Viognier, ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #1: The Vine Cycle

Millesima has recently created Millesima Tips, an educational tutorial for those who wish to learn more about various subjects in the world of wine. From vine to glass, this handy guide is full of useful information on the intricate processes involved in the elaboration of a wine. The first episode of our series on wine-making explores the vine cycle, from the plant’s ... Read More »

Primeurs 2016: Our Team Favourites

Having enjoyed excellent climatic conditions that allowed for harvesting at optimum maturity in several regions, the 2016 vintage can be described as truly exceptional! Following in the footsteps of 1928/1929, 1989/1990, 2009/2010, the years 2015/2016 join the ranks of superb duo-vintages. Millésima offers over 250 wines en primeur, making it difficult to choose… Luckily, the Millésima sales team is here ... Read More »

Domaine Leroy | The Excellence of Burgundy

For close to two centuries, the Leroy name has been associated with wines of excellent quality. But it wasn’t until Lalou Bize-Leroy, great-granddaughter of the founder of Maison Leroy, established the Domaine Leroy that the estate’s own vineyards started producing some of the most competitive labels of the region. Today Domaine Leroy is well-known throughout the world for producing a shockingly ... Read More »

Primeurs 2016 | The 2016 Vintage at Chateau Lynch-Bages

A vintage like none other, 2016 at Chateau Lynch-Bages enjoys a profile characterised by intense colour, very clear fruit aromas, a relatively good acidity and very powerful, yet velvety, tannins. Despite the uneven weather conditions, the 2016 vintage turned out to be quite remarkable! A recap of this year at Chateau Lynch-Bages: Climatic Conditions of the Vintage The season began ... Read More »

Chateau Sainte Roseline | Natural Beauty, Human Artistry and Rich Winemaking Legacy

Located in the heart of the Cotes de Provence region, Chateau Sainte Roseline has long seduced its visitors with its harmonious blend of natural beauty, human artistry and spectacular wines. The estate’s terroirs, used for the cultivation of grapevine for nearly one thousand years, was declared a Cru Classe in 1955. Today it produces some of the most recognized and ... Read More »