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Love & Champagne: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Show your love with the refined complexity of Champagne For certain people, it’s from the Roman Empire. For others, its creation was in the 14th Century in Great-Britain. One thing is for sure, this holiday has been around for a while and today is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Jewellery, chocolates, flowers…so many different gift possibilities to offer ... Read More »

Champagne Grand Siècle: Handcrafted art of highest standards

Many of us appreciate the non-vintage Brut Champagne whose promise is to represent the style of the house every year. On occasion, we are able to taste vintage Champagne (perhaps less frequently, for budget reasons). These vintage sparkling wines show great character, though of course not in the sense of uniform style! The “Grand Siècle” from Laurent-Perrier is one of ... Read More »


The oldest wine house from Champagne, founded in 1584 in Aÿ For over four centuries, the wine house Gosset represents its know-how in blending and aging of handcrafted wines from Champagne. In 1584, Pierre Gosset, lay judge of Aÿ and winemaker, produced wines, often red, with the harvest of his own vines. At this time, two wines struggled for the ... Read More »

When Art and Champagne join together: splendid gift sets for the winter holidays

A history of tradition. Champagne houses have in their history almost always created splendid gift sets or limited edition presentation cases for the end of the year holidays. Sales of Champagne during this time of year are so high that they represent nearly 30% of total annual sales: an opportunity to attract with creative and inventive packaging. Champagne houses: Constantly ... Read More »

Gosset: Ancient Tradition in Champagne

Domaine Gosset

Four Centuries of Savoir-Faire Dating to 1854, the House of Gosset is the oldest wine making house in Champagne. It was at that time that Pierre Gosset began making still wines, made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which were as celebrated and as popular with the royal court as those of renowned Burgundy appellation Beaune. Then as Champagne began to ... Read More »

And what exactly is a sparkling wine?

Simply put, a “sparkling” wine is a wine with bubbles. However, “bubbles” just scratches the surface as the world of sparkling wines is large and diverse, with a dazzling array of wines produced all over the globe, each with their own unique personality. Sparkling wines range from very dry, to sweet and from a delicate fizziness to scintillating effervesce. While ... Read More »

Wines for the End of the World

Although we can all rest assured that the world will not end on Friday–as predicted by the Mayans and other doomsdayers—we here at the Millésima office in Bordeaux began to discuss – if the world were ending tomorrow, what wine would you drink tonight? With a heated debate in the office and opinions flying we thought we’d take a look ... Read More »

Moët et Chandon – The Diamond Collection

A champagne for celebrating: Champage is eponymous with celebration, and for the 2012 Christmas season the historic Champagne House of Moët et Chandon is celebrating by releasing  The Diamond Collection— a collection that not only embodies luxury of champagne, but that expresses the permanence of the famous house from which it hails. The heart of Moët: The focal point of ... Read More »

Dom Pérignon 2003 by David Lynch

After more than a year of close collaboration, the prestigious Champagne house Dom Pérignon and the famous American filmmaker David Lynch have come together to create the cuvée “Dom Pérignon by David Lynch.” Dom Pérignon chose to collaborate with Lynch as they are of a kindred spirit—both exemplifying the qualities of “mystery, intensity, commitment, time, the constant reinvention of the ... Read More »

Veuve Clicquot – Le Fridge

Creativity, originality and, of course, a classic style are the hallmarks of the iconic Champagne House of Veuve Clicquot.  One of their latest and perhaps their most unique packaging yet is “Le Fridge”- a gift that will make anyone’s eyes sparkle with delight. Nostalgia reins with 1950’s retro chic miniature fridge draped in a charming rosy pink with sleek lines ... Read More »