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Thierry Germain: The apologue of taste and terroir

Thierry Germain’s introduction to the wine world Born into a family of Bordeaux wine growers, Thierry Germain realized his wine-making dream early on in life: to be the owner of his own domain. After searching for plots of land from Bordeaux to Hungary, he set his heart on Anjou (in the Loire Valley) and the Domain des Roches Neuves, a property that produced ... Read More »

Thierry Germain: The Fable of the Taste of Terroir

Thierry Germain at Roches Neuves

The product of a family of Bordeaux winemakers, Thierry Germain realized early on his winemaking dreams: to become the head of his own estate. After searching everywhere from Bordeaux to Hungary for the perfect land, he finally set his sights on Anjou, in the Loire Valley, and the estate Roches Neuves, a property of 26 hectares in the appellations of ... Read More »