When Art and Champagne join together: splendid gift sets for the winter holidays

When Art and Champagne join together: splendid gift sets for the winter holidays

A history of tradition. Champagne houses have in their history almost always created splendid gift sets or limited edition presentation cases for the end of the year holidays. Sales of Champagne during this time of year are so high that they represent nearly 30% of total annual sales: an opportunity to attract with creative and inventive packaging.

Champagne houses: Constantly Renewing

The creation of these special cases is a Champagne custom in the wine industry. The brands continuously create attractive bottles and sometimes true works of art, all while keeping the spirit of a true luxury good. The limited editions have reinforced this spirit of rarity and luxury in the representation of Champagne. However, access to these rare bottles is further complicated by the collaboration with artists in the creation of bottles and boxes, as prices increase. The idea is to create eye-catching products with a fantastic look that attract customers and Champagne lovers. The more innovative the houses are, the more customers will be interested in it. Somehow, new always attracts interest.

Some Champagne brands have always focused strategically on the world of art to demonstrate their refinement and cultural interest. As a Champagne House cannot distinguish itself by the choice of grape varieties, which remained essentially the same for years, it needed to find new ways to dust off its image. As such, art came to embellish the bottles. The creation of a Champagne is already art in itself, with its often complex blending. The beauty of the packaging has taken a special place to maintain the image of Champagne in the world of luxury, while adapting to current consumer trends.

3422-250x250Rosé n°8 from Ayala

This rosé Champagne is a limited edition of Ayala. It incarnates sophistication and wild beauty. The name N°8 signifies the eight years it took to craft this Champagne. Coming from the best terroirs in the Montagne de Reims, this wine shows the wonderful effects of patience. It is offered in an elegant curving presentation case.




3423-250x250 “Two Rosés” Zoémie from De Sousa

Zoémie de De Sousa is a gift case designed for a “cross tasting,” comprised of two rosés, either a saignée method or a blended rosé, encouraging shared pleasure. Accompanied by two technical sheets printed onto the inside cover, the presentation case is presented as a book waiting to be opened.





3424-250x250Trio Prestige from Deutz

Composed of three half-bottles from the 2008 vintage, the Trio Prestige from Deutz presents its contents like a colourful, joyful jewel box. Amour de Deutz, Cuvée William Deutz and Amour de Deutz rosé combine the finesse of the Amour cuvée, the suptuousness and versaility of the William Deutz, and the festive high-end rosé Champagne “Amour.” A moving collection.




3420-250x250Dom Pérignon 2004 Michael Riedel (rosé)

Created in limited edition for the end of the year holidays, Dom Perignon proposes a presentation case signed by the internationally-renowned artist Michael Riedel. This beautiful “monochromatic” case, in the true style of the artist, combines the initials “D” and “P” in an optical metaphor describing the passage of time. Inside the bottle, the 2004 vintage rosé is the star.




3419-250x250Dom Pérignon 2006 Michael Riedel

The 2006 Vintage Blanc of Dom Perignon is displayed in a handsome case in springtime colours, signed by the internationally known arrist Michael Riedel. This limited edition case expresses the vision of the artist on the 2006 vintage and gives homage to the head of the house’s cellars, Richard Geoffroy.





3429-250x250Mirrored Presentation Case Grand Siecle, from Laurent Perrier

Laurent-Perrier offers a sleek setting for its celebrated « Grand Siecle » cuvée, a nod to the history of France and the reign of Louis XIV. Launched in 1959 by Bernard de Nonancourt, the French way of live is found in this silver hued case, reflecting elegance and balance.




3425-250x250Arabesque Grande Sendrée 2008 from Drappier

In an attractive presentation case combining straight lines with curves, Drappier’s Grande Sendrée 2008 is decorated with watercolours of the vines and cellars. In this excellent vintage of Champagne, this star vintage of the House Drappier is issued from a single lieu-dit named “Elegance,” and offers richness and power.





3436-250x250Presentation Case — Grande Sendrée Haute Expression from Drappier with flutes

Grande Sendrée 2008 is presented in a convivial case, opens to reveal two tasting glasses alongside the bottle, for you to share intimate moments and shared pleasures. This 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay Champagne can be shared as aperitif or with a lobster or a burbot.




3418-250x250Gosset — 15 years in cellars ‘a minima’

This treasure from the rich portfolio of Gosset is a joy. This Brut Champagne was aged for 15 years in their cellars. It is an ode to patience, and to passing time. In a wooden case with an aesthetic appeal, this rare Champagne is unctuous and suave. It has finally come up from the cellars for all who appreciate complex, rich Champagnes.





3421-250x250Grande Cuvée Joseph 3 de Krug

The Joseph 3 is an homage to the House’s founder Joseph Krug. It encloses the Grande Cuvee as well as two Riedel crystal glasses, specially designed for Krug, for a wholly unique tasting experience.



3434-250x250Clicq’Call (rose)-Clicquot

A technological gem of a Champagne presentation case, the Clicq’Call is an innovation: record your personalised voice message with the integrated message service. Inside, a bottle of Veuve Cliquot rosé. The recipient receiving this presentation case will automatically hear your message when opening the box.





3432-250x250Clicquot Arrow de Veuve Clicquot

Clicquot Arrow is a surprising design: an arrow, rendered in the famous Cliquot yellow, points the way towards Paris – Reims, 130 km. Enclosing their signature Brut Carte Jaune, this gift box reflects the continuity and forward movement of the Veuve Cliquot style.




3430-250x250Ribbon Cage Cuvee Rose Brut (rose)-Laurent Perrier

This limited edition case is not to be missed. Fine-cut in the form of an elegant birdcage, its airy form reminds one of the spring, and the rebirth of nature: values incarnated in the iconic Brut Rosé of Laurent-Perrier. This elegant rose-gold “traveling” case also comes with a unique stopper to better preserve the Champagne.





3400-250x250Dom Ruinart rosé 1998 – Maarten Baas Presentation Case

Dom Ruinart rosé 1998, in a classically balanced vintage, is offered in a tastefully designed case, created by the designer closely tied to Ruinart, Maarten Baas, known for his unexpected furniture creations. This limited edition box, once empty, transforms into a display box with compartments lined in black: a veritable treasure chest.



3431-250x250Presentation Case with a Carafe, Blanc de Noirs (b)-Philipponnat

Nestled in a black gift box with warm golden writing, accompanied by one pretty carafe, the Blanc de Noirs 2009 from Philipponnat is the perfect example of a 100% Pinot Noir, blended and vinified with absolute precision. An ideal gift for any Champagne lover.



3307-250x250Louis Roederer by Philippe Stark 2009

The 2009 Brut Nature is the second edition of this collaboration between Louis Roederer and the French designer Philippe Starck. Presented in a minimalist but charming box, this presentation case combines modernity with classic tradition. The perfect gift for any occasion.




3428-250x2503 Bottle Art Deco Presentation Case from Lallier

In this Art Deco case inspired case, Lallier has assembled three bottles from three excellent vintages—2002, 2003, and 2004—all recently disgorged and decorated with new labels. The recipient will appreciate the tension and freshness of the 2002 and 2004 as well as the supple, sunny richness of the 2003.




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Discover champagnes splendid gift sets

 splendid limited edition 
Discover champagnes splendid gift sets

 splendid limited edition 
Discover champagnes splendid gift sets

 splendid limited edition 
Discover champagnes splendid gift sets

splendid limited edition 





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