San Felice: An Authentic Tuscan Wine

San Felice: An Authentic Tuscan Wine

The history of San Felice has survived through the ages and today is an example of a perfect Tuscan wine. From the Etruscan civilisation to the papacy, and being managed by local families, the property has evolved with time. They are always updating its vineyard managing practices and modernising its vineyards. Proud of their rich and extensive terroirs in the appellation areas of Chianti Classico, Montalcino and Maremma, the property constantly strives to maintain a privileged relationship with the terroir in the heart of Tuscany.

The rich history of San Felice

©San Felice

©San Felice

To find the first traces of San Felice, we must go back to the Etruscan civilisation. At the time, San Felice was named Pieve San Felice Pincis. Its history intertwines with that of the papacy and then becomes the item of interest between families from Florence and Siena. Grisaldi Del Taja, was among the founders of the Chianti Classico Consortium (which turned 300 last year). In the 1970’s, San Felice announced that they would be modernising their estate. The acquisition of the Allianz group was an opportunity to focus on their objective: oenological and territorial excellence. Meticulous labour, restoration, replanting of vines… every precaution and action is taken to produce the best wines from the terroir. In 1982, 20 more hectares from the hills of Montalcino were added to the property.

San Felice has consistently sought excellence with its wine, by blending tradition and innovation. The work on the land and the vineyard are not the only factors that contribute to the terroir. There is also the support of the village behind the wines of San Felice.

The property strives to protect the land and beauty of Chianti and Borgo. Protection of the environment is of the utmost importance for the estate. San Felice works to preserve old building, but also to limit soil erosion or to monitor the evolution of micro-fauna and flora. The property uses precise viticulture practices in order to reduce the environmental impact during treatments on plants. Experiments carried out by Vitarium (an experimental vineyard) have allowed for more than 30 years to cultivate and study hundreds of species necessary to balance the biodiversity of the vineyard.

San Felice: A very particular philosophy

At the forefront of technology, San Felice anticipates trends and conducts a lot of research. This modernity balances respect for the uniqueness of the terroir and the traditions from the region. This marriage between tradition and modernity has been in existence for years. For example, in the 1960’s San Felice produced Vigorello during the start of the Super-Tuscan movement. Poggio Rosso, an excellent example of the Chianti Classico appellation, was born in 1970. The research on native grape varieties done by Vitiarium has reshaped forgotten grape varieties, incorporating them in blends of Sangiovese or making blends that have never existed.

The wines of San Felice


Campogiovanni “Il Quercione” Riserva 2009

Produced only during the best years, this wine comes from a careful selection of Brunello. Campogiovanni has a beautiful intense ruby colour. The nose develops aromas of ripe fruit, spices, cocoa and leather. The wine is tasty, hot, and austere in the mouth which leaves soft and juicy tannin.

Vigorello 2010SanFelice-Vigorello-R_J1120_Macro_2010NM_C_ref

The Vigorello 2010 reveals an intense ruby colour with purple hues. Vigorello emits aromas of wild cherries, blackberries, and raspberries with subtle hints of tobacco leaves and spices. On the palate, it is ample and velvety with nuances of spices and red fruit; a very complex and harmonious wine.

SanFelice-PoggioRossoRiserva-R_J1119_Macro_2010_C_refPoggio Rosso Riserva 2010

This Chianti Classico consists of a blend of Sangiovese, Colorino, and since 2004, Pugnitello. The nose exudes a very intense bouquet. In the mouth, it is rich and supple, very similar to a Super Tuscan. It is a perfect example of the terroir that it is from and you can taste the fruit and tannin in its crisp finish.


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Discover our wine selection from San Felice

San Felice wines 
Discover our wine selection from San Felice

San Felice wines 
Discover our wine selection from San Felice

San Felice wines
Discover our wine selection from San Felice

San Felice wines 

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