Pelissero: A Family that respects Nature

Pelissero: A Family that respects Nature

Pelissero is a wine producer in the Barbaresco region of Italy. Built on a tradition of respecting nature and its fruits, the family produces wines that are native to the region. The 38 hectare vineyard is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and produces wine that are just as miraculous as the views.

Pelissero Family

Agriculture is the Pelissero family business

Pelissero vines

Pelissero has been in the family for three generations. Each generation has built on the innovation, love and respect for nature of those before them. Agriculture has been the family business since 1957. Pelissero focuses only on native grapes from the region that are typical of the terroir. Treiso, is located in the heart of Barbaresco, one of the viticultural stars of Piedmont. Their vineyard is 38 hectares large.

Initially the winery produced wines only for wholesale. Luigi Pelissero produced the estate’s first wines. His successor, and son, Giorgio was an oenologue and has been responsible for the property since 1987. The family has mastered to create and continually ameliorate the perfect combination of innovation, tradition, and respect. By overseeing the entire process, they are involved in every aspect of their domain.

Buried treasure in Barbaresco

Pelissero scenic view

© Guido Harari

The hills of Langhe can be found in between the medieval tower of Barbaresco and the Guarene castle. Scenery in this region is breath-taking, there are several sites to share and admire. Not very far from the French Alps, and so close to the sky that you can touch it. Beneath the vines are several layers of sandstone and blue marlstone, a sea of wonders. The Tanaro River runs right through the hills, influencing the wines through the land and climate. The micro-climate produces amazing fog in the fall.

The Pelissero family strongly believes and understands that wine is an art of waiting, and great wine growers are experts. Choosing where to plant which grapes, is the most essential decision in their wine making process. Location affects sun exposure, and ultimately the wine that finds its way into your glass.

Grape varieties grown on the estate include: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. These three grapes account for 85% of their production. Nebbiolo is produced in this Italian DOCG and is a grape that has defined the region’s history and international fame in the world of wine.

Wines from Pelissero

First bottles were produced in 1960, using traditional methods in a small cellar. Today the cellar and the vineyard have been modernised. Today the 360 view from the vineyard is just a constant reminder of the journey that the grapes take before they are turned into wine. Their wines are known for their beautiful colour, delicious aromas typical of the three main grape varieties and their inimitable acidity and style.

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Discover our wine selection from Italian Producer Pelissero

Pelissero wines 
Discover our wine selection from Italian Producer Pelissero

Pelissero wines
Discover our wine selection from Italian Producer Pelissero

Pelissero wines
Discover our wine selection from Italian Producer Pelissero

Pelissero wines  

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