Veneto | A Region with a Thousand Different Faces

Just south of Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy’s northernmost wine region, is the united wine federation and powerhouse region of Veneto, boasting an extremely diverse landscape of microclimates, winemaking styles and local traditions. A short drive from the famous city of Venice, this dynamic ribbon of land is home to 28 DOC and 14 DOCG areas, producing more wine than any other ... Read More »

A Closer Look at Trentino Alto Adige

Ready for a break from Tuscany and Piedmont, but not yet ready to leave the world of Italian wines? Discover the wines of Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy’s most northern producing region. Home to the autochthonous red grapes Lagrein, Teroldego and Schiava, this region is also very well known for its zesty Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Join us as we travel to ... Read More »

Castello di Volpaia | A World of Wine in the Hills of Chianti

What comes to mind when one hears mentioned “Castello di Volpaia“ in Italy’s Tuscan region? Is it the 11th century fortified village, parts of whose protective walls and towers remain popular with visitors of the area today? Is it the rich legacy left by families who once owned the estate, the great role they played in the formation and definition of ... Read More »

Produttori del Barbaresco | A Cooperative Powered by Nebbiolo

Reigning over 100 hectares of vines, almost 1/6th of the Barbaresco appellation’s total vineyard area, is Produttori del Barbaresco, a cooperative made up of over 60 local wine-growers. Officially founded in 1958, this collaboration can trace back its roots to 1894, when Domizio Cavazza of the Royal Oenological School of Alba created the first cooperative of small landowners in the ... Read More »

Elena Walch | A Tide of Change in Trentino – Alto Adige

Every once in a while, in the world of wine, we come across a story that inspires and teaches a valuable lesson. The story of Elena Walch – her namesake winery and label – is one of those, a story of success achieved through one woman’s focus on her own instinct and gritty hard work. When Elena was hired in her ... Read More »

Piedmont | Home of Diverse Terroirs and Varietals

Located in the far north-west of Italy, just across the Alps from the Provence wine-growing region of France, Piedmont (Piemonte in Italian) is home to more DOCG’s and DOC’s than any other region in Italy. Moreover, an impressive 40% of all Piedmont wines are at DOCG or DOC level. This area is perhaps most famous for the production of complex and tannic ... Read More »

Tuscany: Home of Southern Italy’s Treasures

Tuscany is a viticultural region in Italy that is often whispered on the lips of wine amateurs and connoisseurs around the world. Home of the Super Tuscan, a term coined by wine critics, Tuscany is a jewel in Italy’s star-studded wine producing history. Tuscany is located in central Italy, and is home to the legendary Chianti region. Chianti is recognized ... Read More »

Prosecco: Italian Sparkling Wine

Prosecco is often compared to Champagne, but there is so much more to the sparkling wine than its “competition”. Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine. Only produced in the Valdobbiadene region of Veneto, Italy, we’re going to learn about the distinct characteristics and history of this timeless sparkling wine. The Origin of Italian Bubbles Prosecco dates back to the ... Read More »

A lengthy and elegant Italian Legacy: Bisol

Historic Italian cellar

Bisol is a family owned winery that has been passed down from generation to generation, for over 5 centuries. They strive to make the best Prosecco and have yet to disappoint. The quality of their wine is just as strong as their familial bonds. The family has a tradition that is making unbelievable wines, and they are kind enough to ... Read More »

Pelissero: A Family that respects Nature

Pelissero is a wine producer in the Barbaresco region of Italy. Built on a tradition of respecting nature and its fruits, the family produces wines that are native to the region. The 38 hectare vineyard is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and produces wine that are just as miraculous as the views. Agriculture is the Pelissero family business Pelissero has been ... Read More »