The cellar

Millesima Tips #6: Choosing a Way to Store Your Wine

In the previous chapter of our Millesima Tips series, we discussed the benefits of ageing certain bottles of wine. We also listed some basic tips on how to store a wine to minimise the risk of wine faults, such as oxidation. In the 6th edition of Millesima Tips we will explore in greater depth the process of storing wine. We ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #5: When and Why to Age a Wine

Up until now we have discussed the various stages of the winemaking process. We’ve looked at the natural life cycle of the vine and the most obvious form of human intervention, the grape harvest. We’ve explored the art of maturation, during which the wine gets the finishing touches before bottling. We’ve made it a point to distinguish between maturation (in ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #4: Maturation (1/2)

The journey of wine from vine to cellar to glass involves many processes, both organic and technological. A finished bottle is a synthesis of the vine cycle – with the harvested fruit expressing the year’s climatic conditions – and human intervention in several forms. In the last episode of our Millesima Tips series, we discussed harvest, the most significant form ... Read More »

Millesima Tips #4: Maturation Beyond Oak and Steel (2/2)

In the last “episode” of Millesima Tips, we explored the maturation process of wine, distinguishing it from bottle-ageing and detailing the two most common techniques: barrel and stainless steel maturation. But while these two types of containers are used to age the grand majority of wines around the world, they represent just two phases of the long evolution of wine ... Read More »