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Old Vintage Sauternes | How to Choose the Right Bottle

The holidays are upon us, and the shopping lists have been drafted up and checked twice. In a previous article we suggested wines to pair with classic Christmas hors d’oeuvres and dishes. But what to serve with all those indulgent holiday desserts? For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend a nice Sauternes from Bordeaux, best served chilled with blue cheese or ... Read More »

The Old Vintage Red Wines of Burgundy

In our last article about old vintage red wines, we discussed some of the key factors in ageing wines, opening and serving them. We spoke about why exactly some wines are better for cellaring, while others are meant to be consumed young. We also highlighted some of the best vintages in the Bordeaux region, including 1949, 1982 and the most recent ... Read More »

Billecart-Salmon | A Family, A House, A Signature Style

 A boutique Champagne House, whose effervescent cuvee is favoured among sommeliers and wine critics around the world, Billecart-Salmon is truly a brand to know and know about. Tucked off the streets of Mareuil-sur-Ay, away from the grandeur of Champagne’s other luxurious Houses, Billecart-Salmon is defined by its signature style, which consistently favours finesse and delicacy over boldness and power. The ... Read More »

The Perfect Pairings to Your Holiday Menu

Be it for a holiday feast for a large group or an intimate dinner for two, the holidays are a great time to get creative with food and wine pairing. We have chosen to focus on five of our favourite Christmas dishes and to share our recommendations about wines to pair to each.  HORS D’OEUVRES: Devils on Horseback An indulgent hors ... Read More »

Old Vintage Red Wines of Bordeaux

Old vintage red wine bordeaux

We’ve all been in the situation before. A dusty, ancient bottle of Bordeaux is brought out by the sommelier or served by a friend at a holiday feast. Its label, which has gradually faded and began to peel off its glass canvas, elicits shock and reverence from our dinner companions. We scan for logo, producer name, cru classification and vintage to ... Read More »

2018 Millesima Blog Awards | Open For Application

Created in 2013, the Millesima Blog Awards aims to showcase different communities of wine bloggers around the world. This contest is open to all bloggers with a passion for wine and an eagerness to share their writings with our 80,000 clients. The 2018 Edition This year, the Millesima Blog Awards competition includes two geographical zones: Europe and America. Bloggers from ... Read More »

Focus on Port | The Treasure of the Douro

With the holiday season just around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to focus on a wine that often appears on the table, but which not many people seem to know much about at all. We understand the (many) sources of confusion. This is a red sweet wine, so how is it different than its common white dessert wine ... Read More »